Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finished projects!!!

I'm so excited. I finished 2, count them, 2 projects last week.

The first is a Christmas stocking. My friends talked me into taking a knitting class, even though I gave up knitting several years ago. I could not resist a Fairisle knitting stocking in chunky yarn. I finished that stocking last Saturday. It just needs to be blocked. Here is the picture from the website, I will take a picture of my finished stocking this week and post it.

The colors in the photo really don't reflect real life. The teacher of the class has gone crazy and made the stockings out of many color combinations, even red, white, and blue.

Then I just finished another beaded Christmas ornament. It is done in deep purple and silver.

I have also started another Christmas stocking. I'd like to knit one for 2 of my sisters for Christmas. Here is a photo of the pattern. I chose an olive green, cream, and brick red for it. I didn't realize a green for Christmas stockings would be so hard to find...

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