Monday, September 20, 2010


Change, change, change in my life.

Changed the background to my blog. A little more summery rosey blog.

Off the oxygen almost all the time (except at night.) Woo hoo!!! I'm going to Park City on Wednesday for the Shepherds Bush stitching retreat. I am getting a portable Helios system base to take with me. Thinner oxygen may give my lungs some problems. Better safe than sorry.

My right knee is getting much better. Falling on it three times in 3 months is not a good thing. :) Last Thursday I rammed my left little toe into a wooden pallet. It is really bruised, but I don't think it is broken because I can still wiggle it. It hurts to walk, so I am swimming right now for exercise purposes.

I don't know why I am so accident prone, especially this last year. I think I need to be wrapped in bubble wrap. LOL.

Tomorrow I get my hair cut and a permanent. My hair has NO body or curl. So I get a permanent, then straighten out my hair. I'm also getting a pedicure and gel toes. I think I will get the Little Miss Muffet pink sparkly again. It is glittery and pink.

I can't wait for the retreat. I am driving up on Wednesday afternoon (can't check in until 5:00 pm.) There is a farmer's marker at the Canyons every Wednesday, so I want to catch that.

We reserved a 2 bedroom suite at the Grand Summit at the Canyons. I got a killer deal for 2 bedrooms, a jetted tub, deck/balcony, full kitchen, etc. Registration starts at noon on Thursday, one class is on Friday, and 2 classes on Saturday, with a closing banquet Saturday night. I'll come home Sunday.

Don and I went to Shepherds Bush on Saturday. The projects are BIG. The Shepherds Bush project is 16" by 21". R & R Reproduction's project is 16" by 16". I did email Jeannette Douglas Designs and she is bringing 2 extra kits for Don and I. She is one of our favorite designers. There are 2 tracks of classes at the retreat. We're on the Shepherds Bush track, along with R & R Reproductions and Thread Gatherers. The other track is Blackbird Designs, Jeannette Douglas, and Charland Designs. I'm hoping the other teachers bring extra kits or I can order them for after the classes. It was hard making a choice of what track to choose, but Shepherds Bush is my favorite place and designs.

On the family front, 2 more great-grandchildren are coming. That will make 7 great grandchildren for my parents. Wow!!! Also, my nephew is getting married in December 2010 (just got engaged.) Becky and Frank found a truly cute house in North Carolina to rent. I hope they come to visit us for Christmas. :)

My dad is doing really well, much better than I have seen him in the past 2 years. He has recovered remarkably well from the last stroke. He doesn't take a nap anymore, much more energy, and doesn't have his spells. He's 79 years old, so this is great news.

Well, I had better rest up for tomorrow. Perm, haircut, toes, and stitching night. And dinner at Kneaders.

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