Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am a nerd

Spending time tonight trying to copy files from my moldy oldy laptop. So far, no such luck. XP and Windows 7 aren't that compatible. Thank you Microsoft.

Other happier topics: BYU 57 UNLV 7. At last, the Cougars put a complete game together.

Utes 7 TCU 47. Um, what a wipeout. The Utes are exposed for the posers they are. Go TCU to the title game.

I started stitching a Christmas ornament for an ornament exchange on Friday, Dec 7. Very pretty and classic. (I'll post the picture after the exchange.) I should finish it this week, then I can get on with the other stitching I am going to do for Christmas.

I have figured out gifts for Christmas for everyone. woo hoo. Now, just to finish them by Dec 25.

This is a short work week, I have Friday off. It's going to be hard to go back to regular vacation time next year.

Well, back to nerd-city.

P.S. I added labels to the posts I haven't labeled yet. I now have a sticky note to remind me to put labels on my posts. Like I said, such a nerd.

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