Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blog changing

Changed the theme of my blog today. Not quite sure I like it.

One of the books on my top ten list of favorite books is

It is an epic story of Ash and Anjuli, written in the times of the uprisings in India (1857 and the 1870s.) Anjuli is an Indian princess, Ash is a British officer and they fall in love. Excellent story with a lot of historical background. I highly recommend it (and yes, my blog name is from this book.)

M M Kaye has also written several other books:

Shadow of the Moon
Death in Berlin
Death in Cyprus
Death in Kenya
Death in Zanzibar
Death in the Andamans
Death in Kashmir
The Sun in the Morning
Golden Afternoon
Enchanted Evening

I daresay M M Kaye's mystery novels are every bit as good as Agatha Christie's (and I am a huge Christie fan.) I promise you won't go wrong reading M M Kaye's books.

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