Monday, March 15, 2010


This is the item I am knitting (or trying to knit).

Don and I watched the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics. He really liked the American teams hat, which was designed by Ralph Lauren. It initially sold for $75 from Lauren, $400.00 on Ebay for one that had been actually worn by an athlete during the opening ceremonies.

So I scooted on over to and found the pattern. Helena Bristow reverse engineered the hat and created the pattern. I downloaded the pattern and bought the suggested yarns. Well, the suggested brand of Cascade 220 100% wool. Here are the colors I chose:

The red is a little deeper. The colors are beautiful together. Here is what was suggested:

I did use the same blue, changed the red, and selected an off white. I also am knitting on US #5 needles. Initially, she recommended US #7 needles, then US #5 to cast on and US #6 for the rest of the hat. Comments on say the hat is enormous, so I chose to use the US #5 needles.

So I am on row 19. Rows 1-15 are knit in the round. Rows 16-18 are knit in the round. The first 15 rows fold back under the hat for a more comfortable fit against the wearer's forehead.

I can't count when I cast on, so....I am going to have to decrease a few stitches to get to 108 stitches. I did start row 19 which is the white design, then had to unknit the row because some of the stitches were dropped and I didn't pick them up correctly. Which is OK, since I get to decrease and that is the perfect place to start. Perhaps Don will have it for next winter. LOL.

I'm also going to start a pattern titled Quaker Halloween.

I was going to change the colors, but pulled the floss first to see what was used. Hmmm, someone needs a better photographer for their patterns. Here are the colors:

Sorry about the order, it is bad. I will photograph the colors myself and post them tomorrow night. Anyway, the green is brighter in real life. The main color is Concord Grape.

And I really can't find any green in the picture of the cross stitch pattern. So stay tuned.

Oh, and I am stitching on 28 count fabric, sandstone. One thread over one thread. Wish me luck!!!

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