Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bummer part 2

Well, I'm still on medical leave of absence. There is little change in my lung x-rays. I also didn't wear my oxygen for an hour this morning and my blood oxygen level as 83 at the doctors. At that point I put the oxygen back on and it popped right back up to 92.

Since I still have little stamina, we decided that I would wait another 2 weeks to go back to work. I probably will have to go back with oxygen. The silver lining is maybe I can get one of the cute portable oxygen concentrators. The doctor even said the bad word "permanent", which did NOT make me happy.

I lost 3 more pounds. Woo hoo! Now I need to increase my walking to a daily event.

I am going to stitching group tonight. My brother will drop me off in Draper and Pat B will pick me up. Dinner is at Paradise Cafe (yum and nutritious). Don will bring me home.

Now I have to decide what project to take. I have a Jim Shore Santa on perforated paper that I may take. It is a Mill Hill and is way cute. And very portable. And small.

I could take some tatting too. Or knitting. Decisions, decisions. Here is a picture of the Santa.

I called my boss to inform him that it would be at least 2 more weeks before I would be able to come back to work. He then said he had something to tell me. I thought "oh crap". There has been a reorganization at work. The product I have been working on has been dropped. Uh oh. There is still the legacy product to work on, and other projects that need more bodies. So my job is safe. I will have a new boss. However I have worked with her before, so that will be great.

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