Monday, January 25, 2010

Second hat completed

Wow, I am on a roll. I finished the second baby hat last night. It is very cute, knit with a Bernat Jacquards yarn called "Spearmint Candy." The colors are pink, white, yellow, and green. It is an odd looking hat with a pink & white rolled brim and then yellow, green, and white the rest of the way. The baby hats measure about about 4 1/2 to 5 inches from the brim to the top, so the pattern of the jacquard yarn doesn't really have a chance to truly show its thing.

I have started another baby hat, this time using Bernat Jacquard yarn called "I'm a big boy". The yarn is blue, white, and green. Here is the pattern I am using (found on The pattern is by Lisa Giacco and is to be used for charity or personal use only.

My hat will probably be mostly green because that is where the yarn started. I may knit two of these so one can be mostly blue. Fun.

I went to the dentist today to have a small cavity filled. Back molar right side. Done in 45 minutes. I was a tad nervous since I can't have the gas right now. My dentist is so good though that I didn't feel a thing. The tooth next to it (a crown) aches a bit, but I am hoping it is nothing. I'd really like to get my dental bill paid off next month. In six months I will go for a checkup and have the crown put on my implant. And then I will have a molar on the left top side of my mouth (just 2 molars there right now.)

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Beth said...

Oooh me so likey! Is this the one you brought on Tuesday? Very cute! You go girlie whirlie with them needles. Fly baby fly! Silly I know :)