Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Monday

I was going to get so much done today. Instead, I didn't do anything. Stupid head cold/bronchitis. I got sicker over the weekend (although I did make it to church.) My nose is running (and having a cannula stuck up it doesn't help any.) I'm coughing, but nothing is coming up. I'm wheezing big time, the Symbicort lasts for a couple of hours then I wheeze in multiple sounds. It's so annoying.

So I started taking Azithromycin today. 2 pills today, then a pill a day for the next 4 days. I can't be sick, I go back to work on Feb 15. I'm also taking a cold pill (antihistamine/decongestant) and the "magic" cough syrup at night. I don't have a fever. I'm hoping to get magically better so I can go stitching tomorrow night. /whining

Tomorrow I need to pick up the handicapped placards at the driver's license bureau. I also need to pick up a form for my doctor to fill out and fax in (I am diabetic and need a release to drive.) I need to call the company who is managing my medical leave of absence and see what kind of a doctor's note I need to go back to work (will the generic form work that says Feb 15 is the big day?) I need to call the medical supply company and see if I can get a Helios Marathon portable oxygen system.

On Saturday, I went to Salt Lake. I left at noon with portable oxygen unit. I just performed normal activities (prescription and grocery shopping, Don's haircut, shopping at the craft place, and dinner out with friends.) The oxygen was gone by 8 pm. I had it on 1 most of the day. For work I need at least 11 hours of oxygen.

The Helios Marathon system gets up to 20 hours worth of use at the setting of 2 liters. And it only weighs 5 pounds when full. Sounds perfect for me.

I need to remember to call and have my old medical supply place pick up their oxygen concentrator and the 3 big ole green oxygen tanks too.

On Saturday night we went to a little pizzeria called Rusted Sun Pizza. Yummy. I had an Italian salad, Don had a calzone, everyone else had either a calzone or pizza. I'll bet 28 people was the maximum number of eaters that would fit. It was a little place, but so good. We had a great time. There were six of us, four sat in a booth and Don and I sat at the bar across from the booth. Good food, great company.

If you are in Salt Lake City, give the Rusted Sun Pizzeria a try. It is located at 2010 South State Street. Here is a link to their menu.
Rusted Sun pizzeria

They don't take reservations.

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