Monday, October 11, 2010

Shepherds Bush retreat pictures

I did take my camera to the retreat, but it never made it out of my suitcase. So... here are pictures of the pieces we received in class.

The first day at about 2:00 pm we registered. We received a neat bag and a kit to make a button to go with the bag. Here is my bag with the button attached. I did change the style of the letter, I wanted something a little more elegant and nostalgic.
 Here is a picture of the alphabet from the pattern we were given. Just a matter of personal preference.

On Thursday night, we received our first project. It is a small sampler that is called Shared Stitches. All of the designers/teachers contributed something to this sampler. Teri of Shepherds Bush designed it, Charland of Charland Designs created the JOY charm, the fabric was by R&R Reproductions (Pat and Ann), the thread by Thread Gatherer (CeCe). There is a blackbird motif for Blackbird Designs, a gold needle and skein of floss for Jeannette Douglas designs, and of course, a sheep for Shepherds Bush. Also, there is a crown for R&R Reproductions (Crown & Thistle is their name for the designs they create.) 
 Here is a close up of the 'Dear to my heart', and also my big start on it. (not)

I also bought this thread caddy (floss holder?) It has a magnetic needle holder too. I put the floss for the "Dear to my heart" sampler in it. Fun, fun, fun. 

On Friday morning, it was the Shepherds Bush class. Tina designed a fabulous sampler. We learned the specialty stitches in right side of the sampler, which confused me. I always must start at the upper left hand corner. I plan on stitching the top border over to the upper left hand corner and working from there. LOL.
What I like about this sampler is that it will go with several of the other Shepherds Bush designs. And the colors are my favorite colors to boot. :)

And I did find a picture of the Blackbird Designs project. I didn't have an opportunity to purchase the kit, but on their blog, they say they are releasing class projects in Feb or March 2011. 

I also purchased Jeannette Douglas's kit. It is gorgeous and I can't wait to stitch it. 

I found a photo of the R&R Reproduction design. It is big, but it is stitch on 20 count linen, over 2 threads (so 10 count essentially.) We also received the fabric and magnetic button for the clasp. This is a UFO bag for all of our unfinished projects. Snicker. I might be able to get a few of my projects in there. 

The last class we took was by CeCe the owner of Thread Gatherer. Her flosses, ribbons, etc are fabulous. She put together a kit for us to do a fabric scrapbook. I think I am going to tat some stuff for it and maybe make it a memento of the weekend. (Big dreams, big dreams.)

Unfortunately, due to my lack of camera dexterity, I don't have any more pictures. I will figure out the camera and post more later. 


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