Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun stuff

Lizzie Kate is another one of my favorite designers. Over the past couple of years, she has come out with the cutest double flip designs. The first one was Words of Wisdom to live by, the second release was Christmas, and the third one is titled Boo club.

They are quick to stitch and are so cute.

I was out looking around last night and found this one. LOL. Raise the Roof's designers are young (in their twenties.) I love their sense of humor. Some day I'd like to stitch this one and hang it in my office. (This would be my evil twin speaking.)

This one is a lot less reverent, but I'm sure would be great to stitch.

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Amy said...

I'd LOVE to have one of those last ones in my office/room, etc. It'd be great 'cause I'm sure half the people who saw it wouldn't realize what it really said and take the time to read it.