Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I found a new blog today. The designer is creating a new American sampler called "How to make an American sampler". I am following this blog. The sampler sounds truly wonderful.

Here is the link How to make an American sampler

I have one sampler on order from Shepherd's Bush. It wasn't in stock when we visited in March. It is designed by Shepherd's Bush and is called America (Oh Beautiful.)

The picture doesn't do it justice. I also have a Just Nan sampler pattern titled "Remember 9/11". Remember takes a special thread by the Thread Gatherer, which is also on order. I really like Remember 9/11 because the colors are so subtle. The 3 pansies in the top band represent the 3 buildings that were destroyed on 9/11. The four flowers on the next band represent the 4 planes that crashed that day. I love the Remember in ecru. All in all a true heirloom.

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